Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Isla Paradiso

I know I said I'm gonna return to the Sims when TS4 comes out, but after seeing the promo video of Island Paradise, I just couldn't wait anymore...

Being away from TS3 for almost 2 years, I've missed so much! The last EP I bought was Generations...My PC is getting really old, I now have only the base game, Generations, Island Paradise installed and it's already making this horrible sound like it's gonna crash any moment...So even though I really want to get all the rest EPs and SPs right now, I can't, unless I buy a new computer...

Anyway, Isla Paradiso is amazing!!! I only played it for 3 hours - didn't get to do a lot yet, but I'm totally amazed and hooked!!! I think Island Paradise is probably the best EPs so far! Well, maybe next to Seasons.

meet Chikako Sims AKA the sim me - the main character of all my TS3 game plays.
I chose "love to swim" as one of my traits for the life in paradise, even though in real life I can't even swim...but hey, that's the wonder of the game right? We get to be whoever we want to be.

speedboat taxi

Isla Paradiso City Hall

The first thing to do is of course to get me a resort! You have to go to city hall to purchase a resort.

Welcome to Hobart's Hideaway! It's very shabby chic and it's for free, a really awesome start for me since I'm gonna be spending most of the moneys on my own house...I dunno what to name it, so I named it R&R #lame I know...

in the lobby acting like a real receptionist...

is everyone in Isla Parsdiso more good looking or was I away for too long? haha

*dive into dumpster* is this action from Island Paradise or Pets?

I love Chikako loves swimming in the ocean!!!

I wish I could do this in real sucks that it's only 17 degrees here in Holland

I can't dive yet, my scuba diving skill level is too low...
You can boost your skill level by snorkeling or taking a class at the science facility.
Can't wait to play with the mermaids and swimming for my life from the sharks LOL

Life is too good in Isla Paradiso! Now I too want to have some tropical R&R in real life...


  1. 咳咳,這裡是chikako的新窩嗎,看到都是英文讓我有點擔心是不是走錯地方了XD"

    p.s 恭喜chikako又成立了新窩啊!有空我會常來踩踩踏踏的XD

    1. 歡迎NANA來訪!!!沒有走錯地方啦XD 中文沒有好看字體可選我又不懂HTML所以只有用英文的看上去比較協調(?)這個其實都不算心得文...只是拍了幾張照片罷了XDD


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